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Dec 2019
The thing about love is there are two categories; you’re never ever going find someone with only everything you want because that person simply doesn’t exist. You will firstly and most commonly find many people with less than you want and need, and even fewer people with more than you want and need. The trick in both cases is your threshold for pain, because either way both will cause you pain, and true love never comes without the addition of suffering, so before you give away your heart make sure you know what it’s made of, it’s strengths and it’s weakness and learn what you can forgive. This, in the end, will make all the difference. Love is not like pieces of a puzzle where every piece fits perfectly together, it’s more like two hearts that choose to stay untied in spite of an imperfect union because love is the glue that holds the tiniest fragments together.
Junior McIntyre
Written by
Junior McIntyre
   Larry Marshall
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