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Dec 2019
So this event that they say has happened
That nobody was witness to
This event that only has meaning at all
Because of a description
Has meaning based on believing
In a certain way of thinking

They created this in their minds and they want you to believe it is real

I'm so very bored with villains
Putting on a scary mask and killing is so very easy
Anybody can do it
If you are weak grab a weapon
Anyone can become pathetic for the evil a live

I'm tired of the ease of modern life
Coddled antiheroes waiting for their moment
Hot in the cold and cold in the hot
Incubating clones digesting the data of everything they wrought

I'm looking for a challenge
In pursuit of the flawless wave
I would slide into it and jump off into chaos...
You see,
The point is not to conquer the wave
It is to let the wave dismember you and become one in its kingdom
Crashing sand with your breath
Until all the seashells evanesce
Written by
mc6lm  Behind your eyelids
(Behind your eyelids)   
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