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Dec 2019
I feel
The wandering lights
Dancing through
My mind
All in the sky
Leaving the world behind
I can go
Feel it for myself
The autumnal wind
The shadow of the trees
The salty sea
The brilliant lights of the sun
A thought
Goes through my mind
What if
I could see the wandering lights
That I see in my mind?
The wonder in the sky?
What if
It was all true?
I chase those
In my head
Almost catching them
Just a bit more
Those wandering lights
I see them
I close my eyes
I see those
Those wandering lights
The wonder in the sky
Don't you too?
Just a touch
The sparkle
In your eyes
When you see
Close your eyes
And follow the light
And with me we sing
In the mountain
Guide me
Oh the wandering lights
The first ones that
Dance through the sky
Tell me how to find my path
Through the Misty mountains
How to find home
We climbed this together
And made a pact for life
Keep climbing up the mountains
Follow the wandering lights
Through the dark
And stay

Just keep dreaming
Foreigner Soralen
Written by
Foreigner Soralen  15/F/Somewhere
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