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Dec 2019
Pond lives in the murky gutters
tadpoles, worms, maggots, amoebas in muddy slime
a mess of microscopic inane entities in septic unity aroused
solidarity of low-lives in putrid dis-composition and toxic malaiseΒ Β 
bleachers in bleach twirling and squirming in dark benign iodine trap

Germs warfare by sightless malingerers
society's malignant wasters and losers of racists bents
damaged fodders, hoods and maintained western non-achievers
rail on best of the best, the strongest, the smartest the most capable
in ants minds and ant speak and anodyne group-think flowing froth

Watch them drowning in the cream
of a consistency alien to Arachnids, maggots and the spineless
hear the narcissistic Schreeching and contemptible scratchings of lice
mired frenzied angst an impoverished acumen garnered in stupidities
the asinine revolt of termites orchestrated in the neon stench of anthill

The Red sea once again is dammed
its momentum diverted by the blue legions in broad-church
its about fair opportunities and gainful endeavors not hate and lies
murkiness. deceits, lies, chicanery do not fool all in all ways and times
infamy, pond lives infamy known to all even if not told to your disgraced faces
the Anti-Semites and haters know themselves, they always hate strong, intelligent smart and capable people. These toxic haters hate honest endeavors, success and progress, they want all in the gutters with them.
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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