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Dec 2019
Puzzling the will
Time immemorial, love
Floods the realm of time.
Midday thru midnight,
Hearts attempt to blind the mind,
Till souls fall headlong

Into hell’s pit, long
Before our determined will
Submits to our mind.
Nothing comes from love
By lovers in endless night;
Swiftly moves the time

Till there is no time,
And the days that once seemed long
Turn forever night.
What good will your will
Be if there’s no soul to love?
So keep it in mind,

Your limited mind,
That in unlimited time,
All but for your love
Will not last for long.
You won’t live to see your will
Brighten someone’s night

Lest you brave the night
With the might of your own mind,
And by strength of will,
Disregard all time
So long as the day is long;
Only then will love

Truly be true love.
For even a stormy night
Is not for love long.
For love’s of the mind,
As the heart cannot bear time
Nor implement will

That love has in mind.
Thru the night and for all time,
Love lasts long past will.
This is a sestina made up of six pairs of haikus, and a single haiku at the envoi.
Written by
Brody Blue  24/M/Amarillo
       Ash, DivineDao, Brody Blue, --- and ---
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