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Dec 2019
It must have been long
since I was stranded here
for the dusk too dense to hold
and the coffee too cold to drink

A book at hand, pages turned
as if I am an intruder
into reading of another me
by waking up, in this empty cafe

A feeling of deja vu
I've been here before, yes
it's the sidewalk I pass by every day
but in that world, I never see a cafe there

Dusk lapses into night
a streetlamp lits up overhead
little flying bugs drop on my lap
Time to go, I rise to leave

Startled, I pause halfway
fallen leaves pile up at the corner
just as I saw them in the day
someone swept them into a lovely cone

but with a closer look, I find
instead of autumn leaves
they are red lobsters
stacked high into a small hill  

as red,      
as flaming flames
A friend of mine told me of Dali's Lobster telephone and I searched for the picture online but there are differences between his lobster and those in my dream, In my dream they are as small as fallen leaves and as red as flames. A conical hill of Red lobsters, as I would interpret, is a very surrealistic symbol of artistic creativity. That's why I love this dream
Written by
Angelica Liu
     Cody Smith, N and Larry Marshall
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