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Dec 2019
I don't lie,
I only avoid telling the truth
Some things are better,
When you let them the way they were

While some others are,
In need of adjustment, or fine-tuning, must I say
To keep everything in place,
Like it is meant to be, preservation of the world

I don't lie, I've confessed,
Make peace with all my sins at last
Like I said, I don't lie, but hey,
Maybe, this time, who knows, I just did
No particular rhyme scheme. Everybody tells lies, either to please others or for self-benefit or both or whatever...
Akhil Bhadwal
Written by
Akhil Bhadwal  M/Shimla, India
(M/Shimla, India)   
       PiLomus, Orion Lesneski and Sue Huff
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