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Dec 2019
Stumbling around,
Not getting anywhere.
Lost in despair,
Lost in grief.

Stumbling in circles,
Not waking up from my dream.
Lost in my thoughts,
Lost in the past.

Stumbling to helpless,
Not able to heal my heart.
Lost in emotions,
Lost in anguish.

Stumbling to nowhere,
Not knowing how to rise up.
Lost in my sorrow,
Lost in my guilt.

Stumbling to bitter,
Not knowing what to do next.
Lost in the *******,
Lost in the anger.

Stumbling to decline,
Not knowing how to break free.
Lost in confusion,
Lost in delusion.

Stumbling to distress,
Not knowing why I love you.
Lost with the demons,
Lost in the quagmire.

Stumbling to nothing,
Not knowing true devotion.
Lost in my torment,
Lost in the nonsense.

Stumbling to disorder,
Not knowing how to fight back.
Lost in the chaos,
Lost in the fury.

Stumbling to agony,
Not knowing how to change course.
Lost in a big mess,
Lost in silent wounds.

Stumbling to destruction,
Not knowing how to stand tall.
Lost in seclusion,
Lost in disillusion.

Stumbling to extinction,
Not caringwhere I end up.
Lost in devastation,
Lost in ruination.

Wake up, wake up,
Stand up, stand up,
Grow up, grow up,
Rise up, rise up,
Fight back, fight back,
Strike back, strike back,
Soar now, soar now.

Close the door…     Break free.
Written by
Tom Vassos
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