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Dec 2019
It was a hot day, not one kid in the school was not wearing shorts and t-shirts.
As least that’s what I expected

It was a boring day, not one kid in the school wanted to sit in class any longer.
That’s why I got a hall pass

It was a quiet day, I walked through the halls to find a drink in the hot peace and stillness of our school.
That’s when I saw her

She was a pretty girl, short brown locks and braces surrounding her smile
She saw me too

She was a nice girl, a year younger than me but we were somewhat friends
I smiled at her

She was a different girl, she stood there in jeans and a long sleeve shirt unlike anyone else
I waved in her direction

The water was clear, rising out of it’s silver not to pristine fountain that all the kids used
She bent down for a drink

The water was calling me, I watched her take a sip and walked over to the fountain faster
I was dying of thirst

The water was clueless, the only other witness in what I was about to see and it could know nothing
I bent down for a drink

She bent up, her sleeve got caught, it rolled up, she stepped back, I saw them, long and perfect, red cuts that decorated her soft skin protecting her delicate frame, she looked at me, I looked back, awkward eye contact that no one could forget, we both looked down, her sleeve came down as well.

It was a hot, boring, quiet day for two pretty, nice, different girls who turned around from the clear, calling, clueless water fountain and headed back to class.

I never even got a drink
Written by
IZ J  15/F/Everywhere
     Bogdan Dragos and kevin hamilton
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