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Dec 2019
My whole life I explored through words,
The ones I’d seen written or the ones I’d had heard.
I thought there was nothing more to it than this,
Books left a mark on my soul like a sweet kiss

Then I met dead poets and sweaty toothed men
I met Forrest Gump and his old pal Jen
I was taught about humor by Mrs.Doubtfire
I forgot all about the life that I had lived prior,

Prior to fighting on spaceships and living in trees,
Prior to constantly debating between Marvel and DC
Prior to letting disney make me smile and fight back my tears
Prior to horror movies introducing me to new fears

I met a life where one picture show
Could take me to a place I’d never get to go
This life was a life only made for me
A life outside of my reality

I sang along to all the musicals and got up and danced
I covered my eyes in the shining and barely even glaced
I sobbed and I sobbed when jack dawson died
I imagined what it would be like to have Mcfly by my side

I wished and I hoped watching Monsters Inc.
And in finding nemo I never let myself think
I found that sci-fi and fantasy held whole different meanings
The the ones they had held in the books I was reading

Chapter by chapter or scene by scene, I finally discovered what adventure means
I hung posters on my walls and bought all the clothes,
From movies symbolizing my life’s highs and life’s lows.
I was a true fan but I didn’t hold a favorite
They were all close to my heart and I just needed to savor it

Savor this life outside of my own
One that I’m lucky was ever made known
Made known to me a true movie fan,
Someone who will cherish them as long as they can.
Written by
IZ J  15/F/Everywhere
   Bogdan Dragos
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