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Dec 2019
(Of Me)

I have my eyes
My tested heart
And know not where else to find what flies
Beneath such Carnelian skies as these

An Easterling I’ve been all my life
Lost within memory until such days arrived

So I asked my God the other day
What should keep me here
Ought to make me say

And I prayed he’d open my eyes, be seen
My ears intent on what could be
No more than the simple rustling leaves

And then like an opal
There nestled within the rolling green  
Your words spoke whispers like the hemlock trees

(To You)

And now, say not a word at present, please
My distant friend
If you are joyful and in sated bliss without me

Full of heart and with brimming mind
Contented with this newfound sky

But again, if you ever you find yourself free
Ever at ease
Devoid of attachment, soul or being
Your essence adrift like the sun each morning
Before your first cold step into the dawn anew, then please

Don’t wait for the newborn leaves to color
Don’t search for the old lines in rearrangement to be  
Don’t wait for a second without such a thought
Since the one still waiting, is me

Be it regardless, in passing
I wish you more than just well
More than a sunset sound to be quelled

Would you please be as well
And I will also

Take care, OK?
Written by
   Carlo C Gomez
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