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Dec 2019
I’m afraid.
Afraid to talk, afraid to draw attention to myself once again.
I feel trapped in a small box that’s covered in puppy’s and rainbows that only the outside can see, the inside contains nothing but darkness and unwillingness to speak of the of the pain deep within me. GOD ******* ****** SOMEONE GET ME OUT OF THIS BOX
Why am I okay when I’m not really okay, why is everything okay when I show that I’m happy for once in my life GOD *******...
please just someone get me out of this box.
“You’re doing so well I can just see it, you’re glowing”
Am I ******* doing okay? AM I? Because I didn’t know I was doing okay, who told you I was doing okay?
I don’t want to be the center of attention when I ask for help but it seems as though that’s all I am when I do.
There is so much inside me containing things, just things.
If I reveal those thing will they actually believe me, will they actually listen or will they smile and nod and tell me everything will be okay when it’s not okay, they just tell me it’ll be okay so that way I’m “okay”.
god ******* ****** get me out of this box.
Elizabeth Christian
Written by
Elizabeth Christian  15/F
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