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Dec 2019
He walks in their midst
" yet never amongst them as he is not of them
they quake and shiver and then tremble shake
for before them walks he they can never be
he of the conscience they do not possess
the sighted to their plucked eyes
the voice regale to the waking deaf and dumb
the one that marries courage and bravery in holy wedlock
and can sit in the temple of wisdom that is beyond their unknowns
and in smooth charismatic glow he hauls out their innards
for in spirit he has returned them to base truth in fallacies
coated them in the shame of their lame high horses
and sang to them the hymns of the un-redeemed usurpers
and the knuckle-draggers in Levi and trainers howl in pain
while the serpents crawl around hissing in fevered furies and bile
dispensing ***** cakes and mind altering smoke screens
the rich currency of hate wrapped in jealous envelopes
back-handers and hand-jobs and calloused massages
" get him " they all invoke for there's a fire in that man
its unlike the fire that castigate our beings
its near righteous and all consuming
watch its plumes holds no hazy reflections
it shows us for what we are in hideous glare
**** the fire **** the flames for we know no truths
for to know him is to fear him
he walks in our midst
but he is not one of us "
Written by
Yenson  M/London
   Larry Marshall
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