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Dec 2019
"It's okay to be a glowstick. Sometimes you have to break before you can shine."

you can call me names
you can make me cry
but all the things you do
only help me learn to fly

you can call me stupid
say I just don't got a clue
but you're the one who's clueless
of the things that I've been through

But go ahead & try to hurt me
I've got a secret you don't know
anytime somebody breaks me
like a glowstick, they make me glow

So just try to bring me down
go ahead and cross that line
and just like any other glowstick
you'll only make me shine
Please let me know if you like it! Feedback of any kind is always welcome and extremely appreciated!!!!
Written by
Kade  18/Gender Fluid/Still a headcase
(18/Gender Fluid/Still a headcase)   
         Reyna, jordan, Little Red, Ken Pepiton, --- and 28 others
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