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I never asked for much
It wasn't worth enough
It wasn't worth the rush I'd feel
upon getting what I always wanted.

I never wanted much
what I had was good enough
What I had would make do
it's better than asking you

I never wanted to say
that I was not okay
but when you look at me
you don't even see me

You're too focused on
the ****** show you put on
Just to make us look away
and never ask for anything

it's the ultimate form
of grade A distraction
a natural reaction to
everything we don't want to hear

And when I look at you
and the stupid **** you do
I want to scream at you to
stop, and take a look at life

You're throwing it all away,
and dragging us down with your sinking ship
You're burning it to the ground
the life I wished we could have lived.

So Mother, put the ashtray down
Listen to me when I tell you what I've found
I don't want to live on earth anymore
but you turn away without a glance
and walk out the door.

Did you ever hear my cry for help?
I've done it once before and you never helped.
I can't be bothered to trust you again
when you take a look at my life and don't care
that I want it to end.
Written by
Tori Schall  15/F
   Larry Marshall
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