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hanging fear like a hanging blade
is far more fatal than
a head severing slice...
For hope extinguished
is far more merciful than
a false and fraying hope
left limping helplessly,


strung along by a blade
or shot face-to-face,
at least the latter leaves the dead
short of some disgrace

This torment avoided means
thieving our own time.
Will the last few precious seconds
be worth enduring,
when all we will feel is fear?

Or could we perhaps be mistaken
and it is our fears that are false...
Then instead of death
we would reap the rewards
of holding onto fraying hope

So when the path least traveled forks into
many dark divides,

one path
Lacking in in light, leads
to a merciful death

where by chance
your worry was foolish,
Is full of life

And the last
wondering off the path
in fear of your choice
and forever baring
what wait of "what if"
William de klerk
Written by
William de klerk  18/M/South Africa
(18/M/South Africa)   
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