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Dec 2019
A forlorn commitment to Love the hopeless, he professed.
A bored genius for conversation on buses, nonetheless.
A lazy prowess for ******* over wine, he confessed.

An active disregard for the niceties of manners, he admitted.
An inexhaustible hunger for the laughter of women, even addicted.
An total infatuation with being on time, he submitted.

The delicate moment before saying... No. Good riddance.
The lonely ****** of telling someone... Just Go. Pure insistence.
The immense satisfaction of asking... So..? Without quittance.

When everything is expected, accepted and not referred to.
When payment is not questioned or one doesn't even care if it's True.
When one is singular in particular, never one of ANY few.

Then one is Posh, one is spreading the the Word - he averred.
Then one is not messing or guessing, one has matured - he assured.
Then commendably, one genuinely, never, doesn't ever give a ****!
Not so many Posh Nicks around these days...
Written by
Tommy Randell  69/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK
(69/M/Whitby, N Yorks, UK)   
   Scarlet McCall and ---
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