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Hell is not below us when our bodies die.
Hell is on Earth, in our lives. Only our bodies die;  
our spirits are infinite. So why does our spirit
join another body and return to Earth? To learn
that Hell is an illusion of the finite, that Hell can
become a Hello to Heaven on Earth through Love.
All creations of the Cosmos must first be nurtured
by Love to effloresce their own innate Love. That
full Love is the antidote for Hell on Earth. We must
be Loved so that our full Love can be shared
with those who hurt and hate, thus transforming
Hell into a Hello to Heaven on Earth, changing
hopelessness into hopefulness. But we can give only
what we have received. So if we fail to be Loved
at conception, through our earliest of years, and
then through the rest of our lives, at any point
someone who has been fully Loved can intervene
by Loving the one who is in Hell on Earth.
There is no such thing as a surfeit of Love.
As one is nurtured by another's Love, the deprived
one will feel and find the efflorescence of Love,
and what was before Hell on Earth will become a
Hello to Heaven on Earth. Hell will be understood
for what it truly is:  A call for help. And Love
will be known by all creations as the magic
and truth of the Cosmos.
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and human-rights activist his entire adult life. He just finished his first novel, A CHILD FOR AMARANTH.
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(75/M/Boulder, CO)   
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