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Dec 2019
Some mornings are filled with clouds,
yet that sun is shining bright..
Those dark long nights,
Though it's a moonlit night...

Sometimes these feelings are just hard to bear..
Feelings that are hard explain
Those **** feelings,
Why don't you let me be?

Somedays, just wanna grab that phone
Someday I'll give that number a call...
Someday I'll stop wondering
Someday I'll not think anymore...
Someday someday...

Why is it, that I miss her feeling?
Life is going on at its own pace
Why this hollowness?
If only I had the answers!

Someday I'll break off those shackles
Someday I'll defy those logics
Someday I'll open my heart to hurt once more...
Someday someday...
Sakif Hossain
Written by
Sakif Hossain  27/M/Bangladesh
     Darrell Landstrom, BR Dragos and ---
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