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Nov 2019
My brother once asked me this question
But by the time I knew the answer,
he was gone

What’s left
When life, is cherished no longer
and you can’t see through the tears
What’s left
when your tired of elusive happiness
and searching for truth without fears

There was a time I thought I knew,
what this life was all about
And if you asked me, I could tell you
What to look for along the route
But that time for me is now long gone
And memories once strong have faded
Now I see life through eyes of death
My conviction’s gone sour, I’m jaded

What’s left
When you’ve put the gun to your head
And consciously made your decision
What’s left
When your finger is upon death’s trigger
And there’s no turning back, no remission
What’s left
When you’re gone

Only now dear brother is the answer so painfully clear


A hole in your head
A hole in our lives
A hole in our hearts
A hole in the ground
My brother took his own life many years and many tears ago... He was 21. I still miss him, sometimes angrily, sometimes sadly... He killed himself because the woman he loved left him and in his depression he could see no other way to end his pain... The anniversary of his suicide is coming up in January and after 38 years the only hole that's been filled is the hole in the ground. There have been many times in my life that I thought I wanted to join him, but I pull this old poem out and reread it and I know that whatever it is that's depressing me can be dealt with without going to that extreme! Don't give into depression! It's but a day in life and once you decide to continue you'll find you have so many good days to live that a few bad days aren't worth throwing it all away for! Make the choice to continue! Make the choice to live!
Written by
Lou Romano  59/M/Miami, FL
(59/M/Miami, FL)   
   ---, Fawn, H-B and ---
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