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Nov 2019
Eternal the struggle
Of dispossessed rebels
I finished God’s work
Now I’m doin’ the Devil’s
Duplicitous, shiftiest,
Dirtiest deeds
To the landless,
The peasants,
The outcasted breeds
An outsider
Ghost writer
Adrifting through town
And unleashing my unbounded
Hellhound around
My cause lost
To the cost
Of a hole in the ground
That I sought to make common
Man’s claim
All the same
But to do so
The gentrified’s bane
By the slain
They defined me
A murderous ****
And insane they confined me
To mind-numbing drugs
They prescribed me
Attempts to revive
The reptile
The coldest-blood guile,
Service with a smile,
Reviled exile
This side of the Nile
And in a submissive state
Made me a slave
To the for-prophet
People enchained
To a system
I swore to destroy
As a boy
With his head in the clouds
In the muses’ employ
Where continuing still
Is that struggle
But these days
It just rages on
In this journal
Michael Marchese
Written by
Michael Marchese  25/M/New York
(25/M/New York)   
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