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Nov 2019
Smiles are souls
Eyes are speakers
Both are confused
Both are keepers
Why to frown?
When you can smile
Why to drown?
When you can swim
Yes,I know
Life is harsh
But what can we do?
Other than live and rush
We've become in a desert
Empty of life, empty of conscience
All cares about his reserve
All abases his master sense
Why can't we abate our sick souls?
And try to transcend ourselves
Even if to the world of dreams
At least it's better than our selfish selves
Why is it always that I care for you?
Or you care for me
Why is it that we can't hold our hands together?
And fight the world
For you and for me
Can you do that for me?
Can you stay loyal and never betray?
Can you share the same heart?
Or is it too hard for you not to miss the train?
If your answer is yes
Then please be my guest
But if not
Don't buy me a ticket to death
Be my right hand
Be my motivator to change the world
And I promise if you do
I'll open my heart a land written for you
Written by
Sara  23/F
     Mark, Darrell Landstrom, BR Dragos and Alexa
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