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Nov 2019
I've tripped on a pebble colored by the rain,
I've stumbled and fallen, but little there pain,
Continued my journey, not much thought I've gained,
Just caution is key, nothing really to blame,

Go walking and walking along the paved path,
Hope this time I won't trip and fall on my ***,
No trouble there was for me to form a laugh,
Sometimes a tumble can be more good than bad,

So Life, a game, where struggles will double through,
Though winning is simple, surprisingly true,
Just value the memories, let out your laughs,
Cause once the games over that will be your last,

Life, life, oh what a grand game,
Where knowing something and winning aren't the same,
Life, life, the tales it entrusts,
Be wary, or you might end up in the dust,

So now that you know a little about it,
I hope you have fun, or at least just a bit,
Cause no matter what, you are here, you must play,
And no one fully knows what's after either way.
what a's been.
Written by
EmperorMoth  20
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