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Nov 2019
From his back, grew feathers
Those so dark but when the light hits them, a thousand colours shine through
The skin around his hind legs bulged and swolen
And with each right step, he grew flowers
And with each left step, it leaked fire

His face morphed from person to person
Yet his eyes, they stayed the same
They followed me, every move I made
Meadows behind his shadow wasted away to ash

I rest my palm on his cheek
He rests a feathered wing on the back of my hand
"Who are you?"
I ask him

He tells me:

"I am everyone and anyone

I am someone you see everyday

I am the face you see in the crowd

I am the thunderstorms in the night

I am the gentle breeze that hits your face

I am the sound of children's laughter in your ears

I am the wind below your feet

I am the first tear that drips down your cheeks

I am the sweat down your temples

I am the tremble in your hands, the shiver down your spine

I am the place the light can not reach, yet I am the light

I drink yet I do not thirst

I eat yet I am not hungry

I breathe in air that does not exist

I want what I do not need

I take what I do not want

Yet I am not a god

I am not a man

Nor anything in this world

I am no one

I am nobody

I am nothing."
Written by
lua  16/F/on the moon
(16/F/on the moon)   
   BR Dragos
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