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Nov 2019
I need to share today a post dedicated to special mothers. The MOTHERS OF DIFFERENTLY ABLED KIDS

Today is the day a special mom was born.
I want to tell the world that when a special child is born, the mother doesn't know anything of his/her needs. She learns, she grows with the baby.

When a special need child is born, doctors don't know the future, the baby doesn't tick the parameters, the child doesn't bother to follow rules set by normal people, accepted by world, a special mom learns it all by experience.

When a special need child is born depending on severity the doctor pronounce the verdict, considering themselves nothing less than God, they declare the child will be
Vegetable.(I was told this for my son, when he was 9 days old... I WAS A NINE DAYS OLD MOM!)
Mild­ delayed.
Time will tell.
Etc, etc...
Just like routine

Imagine and feel, when a doctor tells a new mom all this, little do they think that the mom was a girl few months back, she don't even know how to care for "so called normal child" keep apart caring for a special need child.

The mom learns, the mom grows.

Respect and love special need mothers.

No compassion, no sympathy, empathy may be.

Sparkle In Wisdom.
A small tribute to Special Mom, for them the world revolves around their special need child.
Sparkle in Wisdom
Written by
Sparkle in Wisdom  43/F/West Africa
(43/F/West Africa)   
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