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Nov 2019
I believe that there is a veil
between life and death.
And I believe that veil thins
as you take your first and last breath.

As people lay dying,
some say they can see God’s face
just like some speak about reuniting with
loved ones already in that Heavenly place.

Just the same, I believe children
also see things from the other side.
I believe their purity and innocence
gently blurs that great divide.

But as that innocence fades, society grooms
us to believe that seeing things is wrong.
Feeling a presence around you means
you’re crazy or insane instead of gifted or strong.

But what if….Bear with me…
What if, for some people, the veil stays thin?
What if that childlike gift of sight
remains intact and even grows within?

Well, I believe that happens…

So when you see something you can’t explain
or feel an icy touch against your skin,
just know that you’re not at all alone
and I hope you embrace your “gift” with a grin.
Hannah Wydelle Lovel
Written by
Hannah Wydelle Lovel  23/F/Austin, Texas
(23/F/Austin, Texas)   
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