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Apr 2013
I'm an intercontinental casanova
I drive the roads and highways
I'm a lover of the ladies
And I love to drive the bi-ways

In every town I seem to go
Theres a lady there for me
It's not a one night hook up thing
It's full of feeling, can't you see

From Florida to Baltimore
And all points in between
I have a woman there in waiting
To help me make the scene

I'm an inter-coastal lover
An inter-coastal driver too
For the time that I am with them
There is only me and you

From east coast to the west coast
From the midwest to the hills
I have women always waiting
To help me get my thrills

They know about each other
They don't mind, at least I think
They keep their secret thoughts so secret
If they didn't, I would drink

When I am with one in a city
I am theirs and theirs alone
They only know of my arrival
When I call them on the phone

If I get there and they're busy
Then I drop my load and go
There's no need to find another
Two in one no no

I'm an inter-coastal casanova
I drive all round the place
I can't stay in just one city
I always need my space

If one girl gets possessive
And want to settle down
That's when the party's over
And I vacate from that town

I pick up loads at my request
Going where I've been before
And like I said if it gets dangerous
Then I don't go back no more

I'm an Intercontinental
Inter-coastal lover boy
I have women 'cross the country
And we bring each other joy

I love the life I'm living
No commitment no regret
and there's no one there complaining
of anything I might forget

You may frown upon my lifestyle
But it works ok for me
One day I may get married
But I don't know when that will be...
Roger Turner - Poet
Written by
Roger Turner - Poet
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