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Nov 2019
I’m missing you a lot tonight
I miss the conversations I could only have with you
And truly feeling understood
I miss you caring for me, in a way no other friend had
I miss you calling me your little flower as you put one in my hair
I miss drinking coffee with you and talking about boys
You’d raise your eyebrows in such a funny way
I thought our friendship was something you cherished
As you told me so before
It was foolish of me
To think you’d cherish me
As I had cherished you
And because of that, we fell apart
Unfairly, and too easily
Considering how much I cared for you
I could never totally forget you
You impacted me so greatly
But there’s always time for goodbye
And for me, that is now
You hid manipulation and passive aggression
Behind the mask of friendship
Because of that, I vow to be different
As of right now, I’m saying goodbye
To feeling like I’m only worthy of this kind of friendship
This is ramble and totally unpolished and I love it and I hate it.
Written by
Ell  F/Michigan
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