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Nov 2019
By: Cedric McClester

Follow that car!
Riding shotgun is William Barr
On another ******
With an Oval Office agenda
Carrying the President’s water
Let’s declare him out of order
And turn on your recorder
His time is growing shorter

His flagrant impropriety
Is there for us to see
He’s called Attorney General
But we shouldn’t take it literal
We’ve watched him on his journey
As the President’s attorney
See he’s there to do his bidding
Which he doesn’t keep hidden

Look! he just turned the corner,
And I’m thinking that he’s gonna
Defend the President’s actions
Devoid of any redactions
Though they’re undefendable
He’ll still give us an ear-full
And I don’t mean to be snarky
It’s what Biden calls malarky

So, as for his legacy?
Let’s just say, search me?
I guess in time we’ll know
What history will show
Because even those who have a sequel
Should be serving the American people
But that hasn’t been the case
Since they put him back in place

Cedric McClester, Copyright © 2019.  All rights reserved.
Written by
Cedric McClester  New York, New York
(New York, New York)   
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