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Nov 16
There’s a shadow looming over our heads,
its sickly hands yank your lifeless puppet.
We’ve done it all to ourselves.
Well-being has not been a currency,
and the gluttonous vacuum has contaminated the water.
You devil.
Advertising poisoned the well,
we constructed Titans of insecurity
from our desires.
You devil.
Men in suits combed their hair,
as they bought your mental state.
You devils.
Golems with golden M’s
fattened the world up.
And their red and yellow fists,
punched the people into addiction.
And they are so proud.
We speak out, we say so much.
We say so much. We do nothing.
You devils.
We replaced the moon with a giant,
and his shadow barricades the sun.
This is our forever total eclipse;
impervious to pills impervious to reason.
You devil.
Humanity depressed the world.
And the last cannon fodder
we have in this losing catatonic war,
is the fleeting blast of empathy.
You devil.
Written by
Kurt Brushé  22/M/Colorado
       Rose, Carlo C Gomez and BR Dragos
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