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Nov 2019
the wizard of light
disciple who threw his trust to the radiowaves
said that there was a sea deeper than the self
(stained purple like wonder)
from which pearls of gold could appear
with a little searching
a little belief
just a little

I seek it like air.

if I dream
you up entirely
if I breathe into you form and function
(the gentle curve of your lips, the jutting of your chin
your kaleidoscope eyes blue, no green, no brown
glowing too bright with emotion)
if I gift you with past and future
could I find you?

could I dream you out of the violet brine
of a ocean of pure consciousness?
I am of the water, I rose from the water
I will return to it, and I will depart again

(I exist,
therefore you must.)

I will clutch you tight in my fist,
you, tiny pearldrop of gold,
and break for the surface
ride the electrical signals to the shore
gasp for oxygen in a fit of rebirth,
breathe -- with you
you, flickering so brightly on the other side of my eyelids

(one more dream, just one
one more when I take you in my arms
and am no longer hollow.
allow me dreams, allow me to drown
if this is all I have
then allow me it, falling,
and it may -- just maybe --
it may be enough)
stream-of-consciousness love song of sorts
Written by
Kirryn  F/Brisbane, QLD, AU
(F/Brisbane, QLD, AU)   
   BR Dragos
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