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Nov 2019
story of the tape is in the measurement

proof of the pie resides without doubt in the eating

wisdom knows the difference betwixt the fools and the wise

thus it's prime fools that takes strays to drink up the Pacific Ocean

or stand before the Roman Colosseum and calls it a derelict stone pile

Truly earned confidence is never a bargaining chip to saps vagaries

neither do the hyenas stay on same start to race the tigers

it been known that beggars do not wear silk tunics

and shortened arms seeks the longest staffs

while impostor goddesses *** up tales

and writhe in rancour at nobleness

spiteful spittle from ivory gutters

not in my mind nor in my names

as edicts knows impeachment

avows the stained consciences

the turbulence's rages afire

t'is theirs, t'is theirs all

in their rags un tatters

and their ragged minds
Written by
Yenson  M/London
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