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Nov 2019
Yearning for his embrace is viciously addictive
Killing and silencing the logical functioning of her reasoning

Enticing her thoughts with his melodies seems vindictive
He makes her vulnerable. He leaves her exposed; unable to defend herself or defy his harmony.

Pardon her but around him, she feels sadistic.
Through him she understands why some people are narcissistic.

He’s cursed and the blessed assurance he gives her is that he tastes his own thoughts before He spits them out, he’s cunning.

When His words feels like cheerful screams from the carnival, she must know she’s fallen victim, she’s  become prey to this monstrous animal.

Dissecting her dialect from intel to intellect, he’ll leave her with a non functional, gasping diaphragm.

As part of his courtesy, he’ll leave a diatribe saying she tried...
he’ll leave her dilapidated. I guess he’s just another heartache
Written by
   BR Dragos
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