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Nov 2019
I never thought I’d feel so thankful
For you leaving me
I have found that though
My heart is sore
And my eyes are damp
That this was the best thing for me
Because I lost myself
In the idea of what we could’ve been
And I became so codependent
While having to fill your cup
Only for you to leave mine empty
I must learn to love myself
In the most honest way
Where I will never allow
Comfort over my worth
If we are meant to be
We will be
But until then,
Thank you for reminding me
That I am much more
Than the way someone else loves me
Currently having a liberating ah-ha moment while feeling the pain of losing someone. We get so caught up in our emotional habits of questioning am I good enough? And if I am why did this person leave or do something to make me feel that way? You are as big or as small as you make yourself feel. Let’s get out of the toxic habit of basing our worth on others hearts
Agnis Lynota
Written by
Agnis Lynota  24/F/Out of the Box
(24/F/Out of the Box)   
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