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Mar 2013
Fast times at, high times in; listen
and hear my beloved city sing.
Hypnotized {by/the} gods,
Our worlds' so pretty.

We are alive,
We're young,
We make mistakes,
We'll have our fun.

You can't **** a memory
and we're mesmerizing,
I can never forget this,
It was immortalizing.

Am I mortal?
"Yes I am," yet I pray
in fast cars, as God suffers
from vertigo; gravity and stars.

"All that talk of greatness?
Light coming off my sails?
What a joke." What a dream!
Something to fall asleep to{, for/in}.

Fast times, high times
and my beloved city.

A bottle in my hand and
the lights are so pretty.
Quotes and references:
Line Thirteen refers to Nathan Young from Misfits
Line Fourteen from Am I Evil by Diamond Head
Lines Seventeen, Eighteen and Twenty by Jim Hawkins (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) in Treasure Planet
Mydriasis Aletheia
Written by
Mydriasis Aletheia  25/Other/The Empyrean
(25/Other/The Empyrean)   
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