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Nov 2019
a flower has bloomed.
you cherish it. you water it,Β Β give it so much sunshine.
you give it all of your attention.

but as time passes this flower has begun toΒ Β change color.
its losing its beautiful bright color and is becoming dry.

could it possibly be dying?
no you won't accept it.
it will not die, as it brings you so much happiness.
you will not let this flower go.

but despite all of your efforts, one by one, each petal falls.
until finally, there is nothing at all.

you cry.
you mourn.

how could this have happened?
you watered it and gave it all the sunshine it needed.
why did it not stay?

it knew how happy it made you but still
it perished
but one day you witness another flower bloom
one that was exactly like the last

but could it die again?
will it make you so happy for it to one day just die?
you don't trust it anymore, as it broke your trust last time.

it left you.
it hurt you.

how could something so beautiful just wither away?

this is why i don't love.
because one day it'll die.

just like my flower.
Written by
noor  14/F/usa
       Fawn, BR Dragos and Larry Marshall
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