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Nov 2019
I stared at the full moon, wanting to find the solution inside her silent stillness.
Coldness all around me showed me how far my heart sunk deep in regret and loneliness.

In this garden of stone, humanity loss grows ever darker when hope is lost in quiet reverie.

Shuffling inside the frigid memories of a past not of our own, history of self but connected.

These last feelings melt away in the thought of you always dreaming in the darkness.
Time has not forgotten us, it comes slowly, trickling behind insanity that slithers into life.

Perhaps an otherworldly unjust test to make us realize failure is as natural as the wind.
Eternal nights come closer into the dusk of a lifetime, smile, at least we tried.

The solitude of this ruined castle called fate stood upon these eternal black hills and as the melody of ages past sang into my heart I knew how fast time endured through mystery clouds.

Walls made of ideas crumbling away, rainbows burst through as humanity's greatest strength shone bright. Creativity with all its might showed the path to take, destruction and creative primeval powers of God made human.

Labyrinths within, unexplored and filled with curiosity, tones and tunes, similar but different, one more complete. Sounding through these maze corridors and your song my map.

A cyclone of torrential emotions synergize with this dark forest where trees outgrow the fire.
I have to become the beastmaster to acquire control. Loneliness will not defeat these old bones.
Reach out and touch, solitary confusion is just a part of the soul. Isolation an illusion.
Written by
Derekis  M/Mexico
   Bogdan Dragos
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