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Oct 31
I couldn't handle your **** anymore.
I was in love with you,
I gave you everything I had,
And you put barely anything into what I called

You put on this humorous face,
And vibrant energy,
Told me you loved me,
But where were you?

You threatened me on a normal,
And then played it off
Like a joke,
Like it's funny that women are beat because they don't love someone back.

You told me I was beautiful,
But you also told me to change my appearance and interests,
You also told me my scars were something that had to be erased,
And you told me I was too strange.

You got me high,
But when I tried to speak with you on a deep level,
Or connect with you,
You said "you're ruining my vibe."

I worked hard to please you,
Every time,
But you only did things
To please yourself.

I constantly told you I loved you,
And sometimes,
You just didn't say it back,
You just would look at me and walk away.

When we were alone,
You said I was your girl,
But when in the open,
I wasn't someone.

Your love is toxic,
But many flock to it,
Because you are very good
At being fake.

Your love used to flow through my veins,
It was what made my heart beat.

But when I had to beg for it,
When I had to chase for it,
While also watching you distance yourself from me,
I was done.

And like you always do,
You played it off like the girl is crazy,
Like you never did anything,
Because you cannot see your mistakes,
Even if they are thoroughly explained.

I will never hear from you
"I am sorry,"
But I don't need one to know
That your love was poison.
Jules M
Written by
Jules M  16/Non-binary/Lynchburg, VA
(16/Non-binary/Lynchburg, VA)   
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