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Oct 2019
Poets are different than most here on earth
We didn't get training it came with our birth
We feel things much deeper, we know what it's like
The pain and the heartache we've felt in our life
The joy of found love, of sun in the spring
We try with our words to make this life sing

I don't claim greatness, I'm probably the worse
Wish I had a heart like Jamadhi Verse
The soul of Cj Love and her kindness to
Humor of Benjamin Fox, yes I think that would do
Yes poet are different of that I am glad
They've lifted my heart on days I was sad

Poets like us don't see life the same
We describe our darkness, and dance in the rain
Sounds echo to us are not quite the same
We not afraid to boost others in pain
We know things and we let the world know
When things are not right we,re ready to go

Put down in words what life has in store
Never scared to put down some more
Fight social injustice, or just tell our tale
Lost love found, our wins and our fails
Poets are different we'll all agree
But once you're in you're family

So to those of you here I just want to say
I'd travel to hell with you all any day
A trip to the moon or out through the stars
Down memory lane in old classic cars
I thank all who have been like a friend
To a battered old man who's nearing the end

So to those who are here that I didn't mention
Do not worry you've had my attention
From the depths of my heart where no one goes
To the glint in my eye I'll just end my prose
Thank you all once again I just can't wait
To read more of the poems you have on your plate
Just wanted to let all of you know your kindness and responses as well as the heart and soul in your works has been a joy to me during the darkness that is my life
Written by
Larry Marshall  55/M/Longview texas
(55/M/Longview texas)   
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