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Mar 2013
Everything I see contains a piece of you,
I can see you lying on my couch,
I can see you sitting at my dinner table,
I can see you laying in that bed where we learned what true ecstasy is,
I can hear you singing along to our favorite music,
everywhere I go I see little pieces of you penetrating everything,
when I walk, I can feel your hand in mine,
when I go for a drive, I see you next to me singing and laughing,
when I talk with someone I imagine you finishing my sentences,
I can even feel you encouraging me as I write this poem,
I can feel as pieces of you become incorporated into my soul,
but the place where I see you the most is in our beautiful daughter,
her cheek bones,
the shape of her eyes,
her chin,
the way she walks,
the way she throws her temper tantrums,
I sometimes think it's you there in front of me,
these fleeting images of you will always be there,
a permanent resident of my soul,
I will always cherish the little pieces of yourself that you left behind.
Michael Tobin
Written by
Michael Tobin  Twin Cities, Minnesota
(Twin Cities, Minnesota)   
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