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Mar 2013
Ode to Sky

Ode to a person who was always smiling,

Even though they weren’t happy.

Ode to a person who I loved, who helped me through my nights,

Even though it was their last sun.

Ode to a smiling figure on the cliff, who laughed until their dying day.

Ode to a graceful hand that pulled me out,

That showed me who I was,

And who I was meant to be.

Ode to the memories that haven’t slipped away,

Still locked inside my heart,

With the face of an angel,

A shattered eye,

A broken mirror.

Ode to the happiness that was spread without a second thought,

Only for you to look down and say, “Oh, there’s no more.”

Ode to your gentle fingers,

Your sweet smile,

Awkwardly tying,

The red ribbon,

In my hair.

Ode to heart, that I couldn’t realize, until too late,

Was broken.

Ode to a house, in which lived a picture perfect family,

That was shattered, far too soon.

Ode to someone that I looked up and ran to,

A person who I strived to be like, a person who didn’t care for themselves,

A person…who hated their destiny and everything in it.

Ode to thoughts,

That allow me to keep going, even though there was no destination.

That never let me break down, because your memory didn’t let me.

Ode to a world,

Where perfection was considered a necessity,

A world…that destroyed you.

If you were born in another universe, would you have been happy?

Ode to a ocean,

That waxes and wanes, not caring  at all,

That you’re gone.

Ode to me,

Reaching to your hand, but only finding air,

To hold.

Ode to a bird,

Flying above, and me, lying there on the grass,

Wondering if you’re finally free.

Ode to a happy day,

When we were eating ice cream together,

Sweating and laughing in the sunshine.

Ode to this ode, that allows me to finally cry,

On paper.
Kathy Z
Written by
Kathy Z  ....... ~(^0^)~
(....... ~(^0^)~)   
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