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Oct 29
i. darling, i've been thinking, and i want more of this. i want more than these well-intentioned promises and honeyed words that stream from our eager lips and fingers. i want it all to be tangible and real. i want it to last.

ii. i want to always be together – dressed up, dressed down, undressed, staying up till 3am talking about nothing or laying in till 3pm not talking about anything.  i want you to tie me down, and for you to keep me grounded at times especially when i am prone to drift. i want to lift you up when you want to touch the stars; i want to do all that with you and for you.

iii. i want you to know me like i think you should, to be able to guess at my thoughts the way you already do. so , in time, you can find your way between multiple layers and different facades (for i am a complex polyhedron), until you can navigate my labyrinthine twists and turns from the darkness into the light, so you might lead me to freedom whenever i get lost within myself.

iv. ninna, i want to confess all my secrets, which are all stored safe and silent in the cracks of my consciousness, spilling them in whispers onto your bare chest so you can see the kaleidoscopic colour of my soul that cast across your body. so you can feel every part of it. i want you to feel me, more than before, more than now, far deeper and beyond the touch of skin on skin for physicality can be so inadequate sometimes. i want to swim in your veins as your heart pumps life in its steady strokes, flowing in the vermillion rivers up towards your mind’s eye to dance among firing synapses, conducting a symphony of experience that surpasses the mere five senses.

v. i want to toss this love into fate’s shaking cup in case luck rolls out two single ones. game over, all bets off.  i want us to please take a chance. i beg of us to take the chance.

vi. i want to know what this is, what this will be. I don’t want flash fiction – i want an epic romance. a love story to last.

vii. i want to ask if you would be mine for always. i hope you will say yes.

viii. i want you. forever.

ix. i love you.
Written by
Pau  23
   BR Dragos
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