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Oct 2019
When I woke up that morning it was morning,
the sun was bright,
I do remember that,
There was a moment that afternoon,
The sun was hot,
But I was shaded, sitting on my patio, another smoke filled breath passed my lips, "it is love", I thought,every day I've felt it, for along time now, love that is, I've felt it prior, but this was far better,greater, almost perfect.
It is was perfect,


it is perfect.

I considered how love should be,
Could be,


I considered moments, lots of moments,

more moments the all the spare change,


moments of us particularly.

Me and her,
or you,
or us,
your are her, were her ,
and in my mind always will be,
the one Her I'll ever choose to have around.
It's is you, or her.


But understand that morning was the morning,

The morning,

that I'd never be me, but us, or you, and I loved it more then I could love, and I will love it more then I have ever loved,

And forevermore.

Like the air it is me and I know not how to stop it or change it, I wouldn't,

I couldn't,

for this is my life, our life, your life,

Engagement mornings
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