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Mar 2013
The beast quietly slumbers in its cage,
suddenly it's awoken by a noise,
it hears your words,
at first it sits in its cage confused,
as the words continue it begins to pace,
as the words continue it begins to rip at the bars,
as the words continue it gets more enraged,
eventually the monster breaks free from its cage,
once the monster is released it can not be stopped,
words that can't be taken back,
pain that demands to be felt,
the monster continues on its path,
leaving a wake of destruction that affects everything it touches,
all I can do is wait until it tires,
once again it's returned to its cage to slumber,
until the next time it hears your words.
Michael Tobin
Written by
Michael Tobin  Twin Cities, Minnesota
(Twin Cities, Minnesota)   
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