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Oct 2019
the sun awoke from its slumber
and rose
i watched it shower the land in mellow hues
and the rays of the sun tinged your skin an orange so deep
you could have been the sun incarnated
casting your light on the flesh of my bones
warming the frigid touch of my fingers

(and maybe i,

your moon)

when you kissed me
it felt as if i'd burn under your touch
as if i'd melt away with a meeting of our lips
and you tasted like fireworks
of all that sparked,
and burned brighter than anything in this world
a kind of sweetness;
a flavour i can't quite pinpoint
i can't seem to get enough of you

(an eclipse)

you're ethereal. divine
ever stunning, ever radiant
glittering brilliantly in the still dark sky
glowing like a god, a celestial being
and only the light of the sun can touch you.
i am the moon, you are the sun.
Written by
lua  16/F/on the moon
(16/F/on the moon)   
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