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Oct 20
the Beatles, in utter desperation, voted on who would ****** and marry the alluring Japanese impressionist Yoko Ono ***. John Lennon won (or lost) and set about the task of wooing and drugging Yoko into submission. Two minutes after marrying her in Gibraltar John Lennon used his enormous influence to have 3 members of "Yoko's Band of Screaming Nipponese Weirdos" killed. Naturally, Yoko was crestfallen.
Suzy Berlinsky
Written by
Suzy Berlinsky  ❌💲 ✨ ✅☀️ 💲🤬♒💙😍🔥❤️🌈
(❌💲 ✨ ✅☀️ 💲🤬♒💙😍🔥❤️🌈)   
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