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Oct 2019
Anniversary of his light snuffed by impeached

**** okaying Saudi's MBS doing it, with Jared's

messengering.Β Β Let not his voice, like lady liberty's

torch was scorched, bell cracked, knell snatched decades ago,

be silenced, it evokes freedom, critics oligarchy, forever.
Exactly, the carbon bootprint is the largest and worst, "...we(e),..." must stop it.  Think, 400 years of supposed science, a millisecond evolutionarily, has brought humanity to it's extinction, destroying what it took the Cosmos 18 billion years of evolution to create, an insect damaging so much grain, an instant destroying so much grace, human race be not the Earth's still birth.  Leaving no footprints, that followed none, you, illimitable potential, indivisible as life, walking in nature's balance, giving back to it's abundance, can know 'the root of all oppression lies in science", Gandhi, that you, leaving no footprints, no trace, that will echo on in all ways, always, can be alival instead of survival; will you?  Any scientist who doesn't do a full public mea culpa before posting, with each post to youth, communicating anything to 'youth' on the climate emergency is just a corporate structure's convolutionary and disciple of the religion of scientism; no more than a marketeer   :)   reality
james m nordlund
Written by
james m nordlund  58/M/reality, Earth, Universe
(58/M/reality, Earth, Universe)   
       Vicki, L B and james m nordlund
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