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Oct 18
inside my head is a door
everything we’ve been through
good and bad
is behind that door
when i’m missing you
i walk through this door
reliving every moment
of pain, laughter, love, and heartbreak
i’ve tried to ignore the parts that are ugly
even run from them
just so you can stay a little longer
but i cannot run forever

my heart is becoming heavy
tired of holding in all this pain
as we strive to fix our broken pieces
each day takes a toll
mentally and physically
as we keep relentlessly ripping off a bandaid
from a wound hope simply cannot heal anymore

over and over we try
yet fail to succeed
the pain must end and with that so do we
i shall cherish our memories forever
the old you never forgotten

my friend
i’ll miss making memories with you
and the joyful, free spirit you were to me
i’ll miss your call
but even those late nights dancing in parked cars
were all too good to be reality
as much as it pains me
i don’t want to walk away from this door
hell i didn’t think i’d ever have to
but i can’t love you like this anymore

suffocating in this room
the pain we created has become toxic
i can feel it killing me
urging to escape
you must feel it too
because here you are
handing me the lock and key
to our door
#door #thoughts #mind #relationships #mental #health #you #friends #journey #heartbreak
Written by
Samantha Starr  21/youngstown, oh
(21/youngstown, oh)   
   BR Dragos
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