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May 2020
the sunset melting from
a light, lively blue to lovely lavender hues;
soft, romantic piano melodies and
sopranos harmonizing in the trees;
and quiet, happy mornings,
the sunlight tickling the leaves and then my window,
and then your eyelids, the outline of your profile,
softly rising and falling, dreaming
next to me.

if i had words for how i feel of these things;
the gentle waves of your voice like the ocean,
your arms washing over and enveloping me,
the happy crashing of your laughter with mine,
your lips like fragments of light on the water's surface;
i believe those words might be
i love you
sorry it's been such a long time since my last poem. since my last poem ive had a lot of lows and a lot of highs. and im really happy to say, this poem is about one of those highs
Angie S
Written by
Angie S  21/F
   --- and Mark S
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