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Nov 2019
A clock has ticked⁣
For longer than I've known ⁣
Small sounds,⁣
Ones I've left ignored ⁣

They've been there⁣
Through it all ⁣
Silent companions ⁣
Ticking ticking ticking ⁣

It may have been simpler⁣
If they had remained so⁣
Accompanying travelers⁣
Treading along their own pace ⁣

I know not ⁣
When they began to slow⁣
a subtle change,⁣
Yet, one I couldn't help notice ⁣
Ticking ticking⁣

I felt them⁣
Crawling up⁣
Feeling them, truly ⁣
New faces, though somehow familiar ⁣

They soon began to still⁣
Settling into me⁣
Pinpricks portruding out⁣
Drawing out their own gore⁣
Ticking ⁣

Quite it's on pacemaker⁣
Counting down ⁣
To a demise, of sorts ⁣
One I can't ignore⁣
Atleast, not anymore ⁣

A beat with its own rhythm
Under it's own rule
Written by
Jayesh  20/M/Los Angeles
(20/M/Los Angeles)   
     Gideon, Fawn, Shane, mc6lm and Äŧül
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